How does bertils casino systems work?

Bertil casino
  • Bonuser: 1000kr i bonus + 250 free spins
  • Date created: 1987
  • License: Malta
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Before bertils casino systems, I would like to talk about what is the casino? As you all know, there is thousands real casino on the earth. These casinos promise to give money to customers because people love earning money in a short way. In the casinos, there are lots of gamble games. These games are generally poker, blackjack 21, roulette, dice games and slot machines. These games are the most popular ones between other games. As you all know the slot machine is the symbol of the casinos. Let's have a look to online casino systems. These systems generally have two different methods. Bertil casino provides these two methods at the same time. The first method is normal online casino games. In this system, games on a virtual platform. So, it is a digital game. It is programmed by a programmer. So, it is an application. There is no dealer. Dealer is application itself. In games, card is dealed automatically. But the other system, the live dealer casino system, works with a real table, a real dealer. In this system, there are few equipment to do live streams. These equipments are webcam, microphone, a real game board, live dealer and a high speed internet connection. Bertil online casino takes attention of people with these live streams because these kinds of systems provide more safety to people. They want to see the table. While they are watching cards, they can feel more comfortable. There are some card readers on the table. With this equipment, only the owner of the cards can see what does he / she has in his / her hand.

What kind of bonuses we provide?

In our website, there are lots of free bonuses with conditions. We provide different bonuses from other kind of casinos. Our customers think we are best on bonuses. Bertil bonus system provides 5 different bonuses. In this heading, I am going to tell them to you all. The first one is regular bonuses just like weekly, daily and monthly. As you can guess, these bonuses are given to players once a week, day and month. Because of that, these bonuses are regular bonuses. The second one is the welcome bonus. As you all know, after you go or join somewhere, owner of the land or place welcomes you with somethings. In our website, we welcome you after you deposit money. We are going to give you half amount of that money as a prize. The third one is Bertil free spins. Also, this bonus is known as invite your friend bonus. Because, to get this bonus, you have to invite and bring your friend to the website as a player. After the person you have invited must register to the website. After this process, you both will get some additional spin bonuses. The fourth one is a loss bonus. If you play on our website, you probably win lots of money but if you lose all of your money, we will give you an amount of money to keep playing and gain what you have lost. And the last one is no deposit bonus. In this bonus, after you register our website, your additional bonus will be added to your account. You do not deposit any money to your account. That’s why this bonus is called as no deposit. Also, on some special days, our website gives some surprises to players. These bonuses are generally given in the new year.  

Creating the process of our website

Before the creation of our website, we think lots of things about it. Lots of details have been thought. We planned what should we do and put in process. Our website should be the best one on the internet and we are best known according to Bertil casino review surveys. There were 5 subjects in our mind. The first one and the most important one is security. Security must be flawless. People will deposit money with their bank information. That is so dangerous. We decided to work with a cyber security company. You can see on the website, which company we are working with. The second one is taking attention with bonuses. As I said in the previous heading, we provide 5 bonuses at least except special days. That also provides a satisfaction. Our players specify this clearly. Also, we are giving advertisement to a few websites. We let them know about our bonuses in the advertisement. The fourth one is Bertil Sweden design. Before the creation of our website, we talked about design so much. As you all know, Swedish designs are very popular worldwide. So, we thought that we must do amazing things. We worked with a company of website designer and offered a suggestion. They examined our opinion and accepted. They have done our design. Our players love our designs. As you see. I am going to add some user comments right here;

“I was looking for a good website to play online live dealer casino. I tried some websites before but I did not withdraw my money easily. I waited for 2 weeks for 250 dollars. Then I delete my account. After these all, I met with Bertil  mobile. While I am going to work, I am playing it at the public transport. Sometimes I play it lunch break. Thank you to owner of this website.

And here another post;

"playing gamble is my passion. I have played for 14 years. Before online casinos, I had gone to real casinos about for 8 years. Then I met with virtual casino systems but some websites tricked me. They did not give me my money when I tried to withdraw it and my account has been banned. After that things, I did not play for a couple of months in online. Then one of my friends recommended this online casino. This is the best thing I have ever seen on the internet casino systems.”

As you see, your customers are so happy.