Mobile casino sites

Mobile casino sites

First Mobile Casino Was Created in 1997

Yes, this is when people used to play on their laptops. Not all casinos had the mobile versions and it was popularly known as casino system version IV. The use of smartphones by them was not intense so people just used desktops and laptops to play casino for mobile. Nowadays things have improved and more people are using smartphones to play online games.

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A Newbie Broke Winning Records

It was at PAF gambling site when a new player played for 30 minutes. This guy knew nothing about online casinos and was introduced by friend. He won 18 million Euros and this turned him from a poor to wealthy man. Since then, other people have been winning jackpots worth millions of dollars. The rates to win jackpots are low these days because people bet carelessly plus casinos have put forth advanced systems to make players win without manipulating any machine. Winning is now a matter of pure luck at the mobile casino.

Online Casinos Also Offer Lottery

Many people think online casinos only offer slots and card games. There are lottery games as well where people play to match numbers and make sure they win a lot of money. These numbers need to be perfectly matched for one to win highest value of money. Those who miss a number or two win a lot of jackpots and you should waste your ticket until results are announced. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning lottery. Casinos for mobile phones can show you all lottery competition so that you choose the best one for yourself.

Cyprus is the Leading Country in Online Gambling

In a country with 800 inhabitants’ gamblers, it is estimated that almost all people play games at mobile casinos. Over 2.5 million Euros is known to be snatched by online casinos every year which means every citizen in that country spends around 30 thousand Euros. Following the restriction of underage gambling and other kinds of responsible gambling, it means the grownups bet a lot yet it is a country that is not poor at all. Almost in every household, there is a gambler or two inside.

11% of Internet Users Are Gamblers

Every day, it is estimated that over 3 billion people use the internet for various purposes. 11 percent of these people are gamblers and they spend and win money. This means casinos reap cash from over 300 million people daily and assuming each of these people spends ten dollars at minimum, the casinos scoop 3 billion dollars a day. With the increase in use of smartphones, it is no doubt that best mobile casinos get a lot of customers especially if there are offers and other kinds of incentives offered by the casinos.

Male Players Are Many Compared to Female

Women are known to be active internet users and very adventurous but the truth is that they don’t gambler a lot. 84 percent of the total world’s gamblers are men. Many women are also known to play lottery or slots as compared to men who play card games. It is very rare to find a wife and a husband playing and most women who play on online mobile casinos are the ones not married or not living near their fiancé. With increase in number of casinos, more people are expected to join the gambling industry.

You Can Play for Free at Online Casinos

Before the coming of new mobile casino sites, people used to play at land casinos. Casinos were places where only people with money could go and play and if you had little or no money, the casinos were a no go zone for you. Nowadays casinos are more of an entertainment than gambling sites. People can play free games and spend time entertaining themselves. All you need to do is to find a perfect casino and register yourself. You will have access to hundreds of games for you to play and win.

People above 30 Years Are Leading in Gambling

This is the age when most people have gotten jobs and finished school. They have a lot of free time after and probably they are not even married so to kill boredom, the casinos are the perfect place for them. With a smartphone and internet access, they play games all day and they never worry on what they stake because their money is not committed to many issues. Most of them are known to spend 3 to 4 hours playing such games per day so they win or lose a lot in the casinos.

Restriction Ages Differ From Country to Country

Countries that legalize and authorize top mobile casinos also offer age restrictions on who should play and who should not. Some countries authorize people even from 18 years old while others start authorizing from 21 years old. The age selection and authorization depends on the regulatory committee of a particular country and sometimes even the constitution may contain age for one to be considered an adult. Check the casino terms and conditions to see if you are eligible before you register for an account so that you keep yourself out of trouble at all times.

There Are No Winning Strategies

You might have seen on the internet some tips, tricks or any kind of clever pieces written to make gamblers believe that if they follow those tips, they will win. The thing is winning is all a matter of luck so if you win, you win. All you need to do is play nicely and dedicate your mind to the games especially if you are playing slots games. Always make sure you keep a sober mind and you will be able to apply all required steps. Games like slots on Sweden mobile casino can even be won without any kind of tips. All you need to do is to make sure you just spin and use bonus, wild, multipliers and scatter symbols to unlock your winning opportunities.

There Are Bad and Nice Casinos

Some casinos are just scams formed to eat people’s money without offering anything in return. Most of these casinos offer bonuses and jackpots that have undoable wagering requirements to make people suffer as they try to win games. Check for the list of mobile casino and choose the best ones. Most of the best ones are licensed, registered and authorized eCOGRA. You can also choose casinos that are powered by Micro-gaming to ensure you enjoy a smooth game flow with excellent graphics and sound clarity at all times.

To conclude, these facts are real and they written from the reality of gambling. Gambling is not an investment so many sure you only gambler if you have extra money. Don’t gambler to the extent of deterring your finances. Always play when you know you are sober and can make perfect decisions especially when you are wagering on card games. Choose casinos with excellent user reviews to make sure you don’t land yourself into scams at any time. It is important for you to practice games and become a pro before you bet for real money.